Saturday, 4 June 2011


so it is true, you can't change what is done 
you can't go back in time
all the hurt feelings
all the broken hearts
you can't fix them

all you can do is hope
hope like hell.
that you will never regret anything like you regret this
because the pain you feel- heartbreak - is the worst kind of pain imaginable

you wake up hoping that things will go back to the way they were
but what is it that you miss
the person ?
the companionship?
the sex?

all these things combined make you feel 

i guess it is true what they say, break ups are hard
they are not easy
if they were - then nobody would fear them

you meet someone and you fall in love
you make that person your world
you get comfortable with them

and suddenly - you realise your actions
the person you became

made you no longer the person that your partner fell in love with

and ...
you hurt
you cry
you scream 
you curl yourself into a ball and hope to god that this is not happening

truth is ... it is happening
and it is real life

so suck it up and realise the mistakes you made 
and promise yourself
that if by some miracle you get a second chance

you never fuck up this badly again